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Guide to Editing Animations

1. Open up A.P.E and chose the animal you are going to edit.
2. Scroll down to the Walk animations and save them for N, NE, E, SE, and S.
3. Open up the program you use to edit pictures and edit them one by one however you want. Just remember that each frame needs to look pretty
much like the previous one or the animal just wont look good. It has to still look like its walking after your done.
4. Once your done editing each and every frame from the Walk animation set replace the old animations with the new ones. You only have to do
this for the male if your male and female will look the same.
5. Save the animal to a place where you will be able to find it and it isnít with any other files. I suggest making a new folder for it.
6. Find your file you just saved and unzip it. Make sure it is unzipped to a place where no other animal files have been unzipped to. If it is then there
will be multiple animals in one folder and you will have to look in them all to find which one is the new one. Its just easier to make a completely new
folder for just this animal.
7. There will be a Animals folder in the folder you just unzipped the animal file to. Open up the folder and inside there will be a folder with numbers and letters (Ex. 1A869251). Open up that folder.
8. Inside that folder there is a M folder. That has all the animations for the male. Copy the Walk folder. Paste the folder somewhere outside of the
Animals folder.
9. Go back inside the animals folder and the folder with numbers and letters and then into the M folder and write down all of the folder names (run, eat, stand, jump, whatever). If you know how you can delete all of the folders that the animal doesnít need to work properly. This will cut down on file size.
10. Copy and Paste the Walk folder that you placed outside the Animals folder the same number of times as there was folders in the M folder. If you deleted some of the animations it would be easier but if you donít know how it will just take you a couple minutes more to do all of the folders.
11. Rename the copies of Walk to all of the folders in the M folder.
12. Copy all of the new folders that you just renamed and paste them in the M folder.
13. If your female will look like the male then copy all the folders from the M folder into the F folder. If there is no F folder that means the game already uses the male animations for the female. Make sure you also copy the Walk animation from the M folder and paste it into the F folder.
14. If for some reason you also are just going to use the male animations for the baby just do the same thing as you would do for the female.
15. Zip up the Animals folder into a zip file. Rename the zip file to a ztd file.
16. Open up the new file you just zipped up and renamed in A.P.E.
17. You will now see that all the animation sets have the new animations and you just saved time because you didnít have to replace the animations for each direction in every animation set.

I hope you saved time and found this way an easier one to make new animals. This was only tested using the original animals that are in the program. I donít know if this works using animals that you extracted. But even if you extract it it should work just fine. Well have fun and make some great animals.

Thanks Picklepacker