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How to make exhibit foliage

This is extremely easy, and requires NO programming experience, just the ability to follow instructions.

  1. Create the foliage as you normally would, include the name, and tool tip as if it was just a plain old object.

  2. save the file

  3. unzip the file using WinZip, or one that the newer windows has in it.

  4. go to the folder scenery, then objects

  5. open the .ucs file with notepad

  6. find the following line cHabitat = 9414

  7. now you must change it so animals won't hate it. replace it with one of the following:     
    9400 Savannah
    9401 Grassland
    9402 Deciduous Forest
    9403 Coniferous Forest
    9404 Boreal Forest
    9405 Tropical Rainforest
    9406 Scrub
    9407 Highlands
    9408 Tundra
    9409 Desert
    9410 Non-habitat
    9411 Neutral Habitat
    9412 Null Habitat
    9413 Aquatic
    9414 Bad-habitat

  8. then find the following line [Member]

  9. it should have some stuff under it.  change what is under it to 

  10. it should now look like this

  11. now go back out of the scenery and objects folders, then create a new zip file using WinZip get, WinZip here, but instead of making it a .zip file change it to .ztd

  12. now put it in your updates folder and try it out!

BY: Chiefbutz