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Make Dino

1. I made a new folder on my c drive and named it dinos. 

2. I then went to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Zoo Tycoon\xpack1 and opened animals5 and animals6 file and extracted them to my dinos folder. 

3. It will put a new folder in your c:/dinos folder, I renamed it to dinosaurs. 

4. I then opened ape and created a new animal and saved it in my dinos folder. For example, we will say I named my new animal saved from ape elephant. 

5. I then open the elephant.ztd file and extract it to c:/dinos 

6. It will add a new folder in your dinos folder called animals. I then open my c:/dinos/dinosaurs folder and click on the dino folder I want to open, like apato. 

7. I copy the pal folder from the apato folder. 

8. I then go back to the animals folder (the elephant file I extracted) I click on the animals folder and then create a new folder. 

9. I paste the pal file inside of this new folder. I then name the folder I posted it inside the same name as the pal file, like say apato. 

10. I then go back to the dinosaurs folder and find the dino I am using again like apato and click on the folder. I then click on the m file. 

11. I copy every folder inside of male. 

12. I then go back to the animals folder and then click on the folder inside of that one which is your unique id # folder. Inside of that you click on the m file. 

13. I then paste all the animations I copied from the apato file. 

14. I then go back to the animals folder and right click on it and then click add to zip file. 

15. When you open the elephant.ztd file it should now have the dinos animations along with the elephants.

Thanks Devon

I have made a few dino's for download to edit click here for find them