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Organize your Updates folders

you go into your main ZT folder, right click in a blank spot (not on one of the files) and choose new...then folder . Name the folder , I started all mine with updates ( I have updatesanimals, ubdatesobjects, updatesbuildings, updatestest) , but I don't think they have to start wih updates. After you name the file find the zoo.ini file, also in your main zt folder and open it in notepad.

Look for the section where it says [resource] and add ./nameof the folder; for each folder you add, put this after the updates folder. So fir instance, if you are adding an updateobjects, and an updatestest folder your resource path would look something like this:


Thanks Mak1027



Ok well i added folders to my UPDATES folder, my section of the zoo file this is what my file in that part looks like.



In my updated forlder i have the folowing folders




if you add those folders EXACTLY as they are there, then you can copy and past the stuff from my zoo file to replace yours, BUT MAKE A BACK UP!!!!!