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Re-Coloring Animals


1- Create a new animal in ape, lets say an elephant
2- Save an animation of the elephant as a PNG or BMP only (elephant.png)
3- Open elephant.png in photoshop or other program
4- Change it to the color you want it to be and then save it as a png again(elephant.png)
5- Go back to ape and click on the folder beside the icon of the animal and put the recolored graphic you just did (elephant.png)
6- Save it in ape (elephant.ztd)
7- Then close ape
8- create a new folder in c (elephant)
9- open winzip and use the winzip classic
10- open elephant.ztd
11- extract whole file to the new folder you just created (c:/elephant)
12- then click on folder c:/elephant, you should see a folder in elephant called animals, open it
*then there will be another folder that will be the number ape assigned your new animal (example 3590b2a9) and a uca file.
*Open the number folder
*after that there will be several more folders, you want to click on the one that says (example icgrizzl or icelepha)
13- after you open this folder you right click on the n.pal file and copy it then paste it somewhere like desktop
14- close that folder or go back one folder where the icelepha folder was
15- Find the file called (example elephant.pal) and remember it
16- change the n.pal file you saved to the desktop as the exact name of your animal (example elephant.pal)
17- copy the new elephant.pal file on desktop and paste it where the original file was (example c:/elephant/animals/3590b2a9)
18- then go back to c:/elephant/animals
19- right click on the animals folder and click add to zip (your elephant.ztd file should still be open in winzip classic)
20- in winzip classic click on options-save settings now
21- Open ape back up and then open your elephant.ztd file and you should have a new recolored animal.

Thanks Devona